These are introductory notes only and full reference must be made to the Yorkshire Ports webpage and a current Nautical Almanac before attempting to enter the harbour. Whitby is one of the few ports in England with a north facing entrance and this can cause difficulties for arriving vessels.

Whitby Harbour may be approached safely from any direction except South East. From this direction Whitby Rock Buoy must be rounded and kept on the Port Hand. At the Rock Buoy, approximately three-quarters of a mile from the Harbour mouth, the tide turns some two hours after high or low water.
On approaching the Piers, care should be exercised as a strong set to the East will be experienced across the entrance during the two hours preceding high water.
Dangerous sea conditions can occur at the harbour entrance during strong North to East onshore winds. Entry to Whitby Harbour for small craft is not recommended during this time.
Leading marks should now be visible, consisting of a White Triangle for the Lower Mark, and a White Circle with a Black Vertical line for the Upper Mark (unlit). Sited on the East Side of the Harbour these give the Channel in from the sea on a Bearing of 169 degrees True.
This course should be held until two similar Leading marks sited on the East Pier are observed carrying fixed Amber Lights. Course should now be altered to 209 degrees True bringing the second set of marks in line astern. This Channel is, as far as possible, maintained at a depth of 1.4m below chart datum.
Whitby Harbour Radio maintains a 24 hr VHF watch on channels 11 and 16.

The bridge opens on the hour and half hour on request on VHF channel 11 and is manned for two hours either side of high water. Whilst on duty the bridge operatives maintain a listening watch on VHF channels 11 and 16.
The first opening will be as soon as practical two hours before high water and the final opening will be 10 minutes prior to two hours after high water.

Worked Example: High Water is 13.18 - the first opening will be 11.30 (allowing time for the operators to stop the traffic and open the bridge). The next openings, if requested will be: 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 13.30, 14.00, 14.30, and the final opening will be 15.08.

This map is provided for guidance only and must not be used for navigation purposes.