Tides & Moon

                                                                  Photo by Paul Allison
It is well worth keeping an eye on the state of the tide when planning your day on the beach and please take great care when setting out on a walk along the coast, the tide can come in very quickly. The table below shows the time (corrected for BST when applicable) and the height (in metres) of the tides in Whitby for today:


You can see full details of tides at Whitby for the month ahead by clicking on the National Oceanography Centre logo:


                                The SS Hermiston

Built in 1901 the 4,389 ton Steam Ship Hermiston was owned by The Borderdale Shipping Co. of Glasgow, She ran aground on Ness Point and was later towed off by four tugs. The Prince of the Netherlands, returning home from the funeral of King Edward, had offered assistance to the ship.
                                       The Moon
The position of the moon plays a fundamental role in the movement and height of the tides. Visit the comprehensive Moon Connection website for more information on the effect of the sun and moon on tidal flow, or click on the lunar cycle link in the box below to learn about the phases of the moon: