The Storm Approaches                              Photo by Andy Marshall

Clouds Seen From Space
Amongst the largest, most powerful and oustandingly beautiful structures on earth, clouds are constantly changing shape and colour whilst always on the move.
Weather satellites have revolutionised our understanding of meteorology, even if the movement of air masses remains unpredictable! The picture below is the live image from The Eumetsat infra-red camera running in Coordinated Universal Time and showing activity over Europe:
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Identifying Clouds
Use the chart and slideshow below to identify your formation, then visit the oustanding Windows to the Universe website to find out what weather your cloud brings.The site has three levels so that it caters for all ages and contains masses of information not just on clouds and weather, but on all aspects of the physical sciences. 
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Cloud type slide show

After all that hard work you can take it easy with this time lapse video of wonderful skies in California:

Now why not visit the Cloud Appreciation Society website to see more wonderful pictures and get their superb Cloudspotter app. Just click on the badge:

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