Fishing Boats

For hundreds of years men have set sail from Whitby and struggled against the enormous power of the seas. Even today, in modern vessels, our fishermen can face great danger and we hope these videos will give you an idea of the conditions they encounter, both in large trawlers and small boats. 

"Smáey VE-144" An Icelandic trawler fishing in her home waters  in winter, wind speed 76mph.

The "Superb-us" based in Dartmouth, steaming to fishing grounds two miles south of Start Point, wind SW force 6-7, keep watching.

The "June Rose" from  Arbroath battling huge waves in the North Sea.

Trawler Lapwing PD 972 hauling his net in a wild day Soth East of Shetland.

There are dramatic videos of larger vessels in rough seas on the Working Ships page.