Modern ocean racing is one of the most demanding, exciting and dangerous sports in the world. As boat design becomes more extreme and speeds increase so the chances of structural failure and physical injury become greater. This video gives a flavour of just what it is like to sail big boats in big seas:

If you are interested in big boat sailing then visit our Inshore forecast page which has  full details of sailing from Whitby and links to the Yacht Club. You don't need your own boat as many skippers are in need of crew members, and this is an ideal way to learn. 

International Laser
You can also enjoy  very exciting sailing in dinghies, the Olympic International Laser class is a single handed one design which is very cheap to buy and provides the most competitive racing of all the dinghy classes. Our Olympic sailor Ben Ainsley was world champion in the Laser. See just how much fun it can get with the help of this great video:

If that looks like fun you can get on the water very quickly by joining Scaling Dam Sailing Club, just 10 miles from Whitby. The club has excellent facilities and organises racing for a variety of classes. Just click on the picture below for full details:

Scaling Dam Sailing Club
You can also take a look at whats happening on the Club Webcam, or enjoy our exciting heavy weather dinghy sailing video on the Beaufort Scale page!

We have only looked at one class of racing dinghy and there are many others. Visit the Go Sail website for excellent advice on all types of boats and find the one that suits you.

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