Photo by Dave Northmore
Artists have been coming to the Yorkshire Coast for hundreds of years to paint the rugged landscape and dramatic seas. In 1845 the arrival of the railway brought large numbers of painters to Whitby and the town still remains much favoured by artists of all styles. The old cottages, the boats and the beautiful light on the water are a creative inspiration and the area is now home to several art schools. One of the best I know of is DJ Art & Design, click on the photo above for more details.

The village of Staithes became so popular with painters around 1900 that the Staithes Group was formed - a number of like minded artists who worked together. Today the tradition is continued by the highly respected Staithes Gallery which runs superb residential courses and encourages "en plein air" painting. Click on the picture to learn more.

Of course you can simply bring your easel and paints, or even just a sketch pad and find a quiet corner where you can capture the beauty of the town and the surrounding countryside. Perhaps this video will inspire you to take the plunge.

Well, here is a perfect spot.....
Photo by Emily Davis