Volvo Ocean Race

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Introduction to the 2017 Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is a yacht stage race around the world, held every three years.

THe Course

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The Boats
The crews will sail a one design yacht, the Volvo 65, and you can see one of the boats on its work up trials in this video:

The Volvo Ocean Race directors selected a one design to be used for the 2014 and 2016 editions of the race as this will significantly reduce the cost of mounting a competitive campaign and is designed to bring the size of the fleet to 8-10 boats in future races. The 65 foot  monohull was designed by the USA-based Farr Yacht Design and  is built by a consortium of leading boatyards in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Switzerland. Under an agreement between Volvo Ocean Race and the consortium, a minimum of eight boats will be built to contest the  races

40 Years of the Volvo Ocean Race

Virtual Volvo Ocean Race
The online virtual race is sailed over the same route and under the actual weather conditions which are encountered by the real boats. Competitors can steer their boats, change the sails and use sophisticated route planning software to work out their race strategy. After endless sleepless nights and a massive effort over eight months  the Whitbyweather entry finished 74th overall in the 2014 race, out of more than 195,000 boats. The racing is very competitive but sailors can chat with each other, and many lasting friendships are formed with fellow players from all over the world. Click on the screenshot below to get started:

Whitbyweather Virtual Race News
The friendships made in virtual sailing continue for many years.Why don't you have a go and see how you get on?  

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