Vendée Globe Race

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The Race
In theory, the Vendée Globe is an utterly simple affair. Its fundamental principles come down to a few sentences, compared to which even the roughest logbook would seem sophisticated. A sailing race around the world, for singlehanded sailors, without any stopover. That's it.

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The Boats
The IMOCA Open 60 boats are specially designed for solo ocean sailing. The shape of the hull and the rigging features respond to the average wind direction and swell experienced in a west-east circumnavigation of the globe. Favouring fair winds, the IMOCA Open 60s have smooth, straight hulls to plane across waves, and can reach speeds of up to 25 knots.
Core Features of an IMOCA Open 60
Length: Maximum of 18.28 m (60 feet)
Beam:  5.5 m
Draught: Maximum of 4.5 m
Mast height: Maximum of 29 m
Displacement: Between 8,000 and 9,000 kg
Sail area upwind: Between 240 and 330 m2
Sail area downwind: Between 460 and 620 m2
Type of keel: Canting (pendulum)

Three Months Solo Sailing
The real test of the Vendée Globe lies in its duration, alone for three months and sailing more than 24,000 miles, the single handed yachtsmen  and women end up exposing all aspects of their personalities.
The regulations of the Vendée Globe round the world tour, without stopping and without assistance, require the yachtsmen and women to be able to operate their boats technically in times of intense stress. Preparation is essential and there is a subtle balance to be found between attempting to save weight and the need to take on board sufficient spare equipment, on which the three-month race will depend.

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Vendée Globe Virtual Race
Exactly like the world class professional sailors competing in the Vendée Globe Race for real, players of the on line game used live weather data to help them choose the fastest track and the optimum sail combinations to navigate their virtual boats around the world as quickly as possible.
The Whitbyweather boat did well in the last Virtual Race. More than 471,000 virtual sailors competed in real time and against the real boats. We will be entering  the Vendee Globe once again and we hope you will join us, it is great fun.

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